Aug 27, 2018
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HTML – How to send API Calls via Postman

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This short article shows how to send API Calls via Postman. Postman is a famous and simple API tool.

1. Step – Installation
=> Download, Install and Open Postman.

2. Step – Prepare Postman
=> File > Settings > SSL certification validation > OFF

The most of the Jumphosts don’t store the Root CA of the specific API Interface. In this case the Application will respond with the following error:

„Could not get any response“

! The recommended solution is to download and import the Root certificate into the Local Certificate Store!

3. Step – Preparation
=> Prepare credentials (Username / Password), IP-Address
=> Type: Basic Auth
=> Method: GET
=> URL: „https://IP-Address/api/1.0/messaging/clients/client“

4. Step – Send API Call
Press „Send“

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