Sep 25, 2018
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NSX Manager – last heartbeat response = ‚0‘

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NSX Manager – last heartbeat response = ‚0‘


Affected Versions: NSX for vSphere 6.3.6
Source: Syslog

NSX manager reports heartbeat failed error of decommissioned or removed hosts in the vCenter Inventory for every 3 mins, you see errors similar to:

EDT ERROR HeartbeatManagerHeartbeatTimer HeartbeatManager$HeartbeatTask:297 – Client has not responded to the heartbeat for longer than the alert threshold. Peer name = ‚com.vmware.vshield.userworld‘, client token = ‚host-587‘, client id = ‚1ab1e420-3b47-4776-9708-374a8a303593‘, last heartbeat response = ‚0‘, last published heartbeat = ‚5890‘


VMware Knowledge Base: KB2144127
API Call

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